41 ft Hatteras

Boat Details

Length 41 ft
Speed 28 Knots

Trip Details

Take your friends or family on an unforgettable fishing adventure, with this beautiful 41 ft Hatteras fishing vessel.

Captain John Potter is a Key West native and has over 37 years working in the Key West fishing industry, the last 25 years as captain. His knowledge with the local waters, will help ensure a busy day fishing and a boatload of fish.

His 41' Hatteras will accompany 6 passengers plus captain and mate and features 3 fishing chairs and an air conditioned cabin. Charter trips are run daily and can be scheduled for half day, 3/4 day or full day lengths. Night shark fishing trips and special sightseeing trips are also available and start at sunset when the sharks are most active. The Magic includes beds and a generous sized restroom making overnights on tournament weekends more comfortable.

At the end of a day fishing, your catch is brought in were we clean your fish on the dock. We can either put it on ice, to be taken home later or some of it can be taken to one of the many local restaurants that will cook your catch.

What should I bring?
Rods, reels and bait are provided but you may bring your own fishing equipment if you wish.

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and sun block, sunglasses and a hat. A hand towel is also convenient when fishing.

Don't forget to pack some snacks or meals on longer trips. A small fridge and microwave is available.

You may bring your own cooler or fill ours with your choice of beverages.

Whether you have a sensitive stomach or are unsure of your sea legs, using motion sickness pills or patches may be the difference between having a great day fishing or a miserable day hugging the rail.

Remember your camera or smartphone to snap pictures of your catch. We'd love to add your photos or videos to our gallery.

Night Fishing Private Charter

  • $550 USD
  • 3 hours 

Half Day Private Charter

  • $700 USD
  • 4 hours 

¾ Day Private Charter

  • $900 USD
  • 6 hours 

Full Day Private Charter

  • $1200 USD
  • 8 hours